Why our contractor leads?

Inbound Phone Leads

 Why us?

Simple: our system works and our leads are ready to buy 

Every day we hear the same exact things from people who call us

People say "I was using xx xxx or xx xxx xx and all they were doing was charging me for leads that were no good! On top of that, they would say "they also charge me a monthly fee on top of selling me leads. In fact, many of our customers came to us from their major companies.

Real time phone leads

We target customers in your area right at the exact moment they

are looking for your services. Most or our leads are actually inbound calls. You don't waste time calling numbers and having no one pick up. We guarantee our leads will be responsive and looking to buy. Our leads for contractors are also exclusive so you don't have to have the cheapest price. Stop selling how cheap your services are just to beat three competitors and start making more money with our ready to buy leads.

We also do month to month services so you don't get stuck in a contract you wish you hadn't signed. Give us a try today and see why we are #1 on Google. 

Target Marketing

Not only do we target specific customers in your area, but since our "leads" are actually inbound live phone calls, your ROI will automatically shoot way up. Since customers are seeking you out, closing rates are much higher. The best part of all, there is no cold calling.

Way too many lead generation companies are way too happy to take your money just so they can host your bidding wars. Don't pay good money just to be on someone else's website and hope that your company is chosen over all the rest. Don't underbid any more jobs hoping to land a  contract. Call us now and get your own live calls. We’ll even throw in $100 in free calls the first month just for trying us out.

Stop playing the same old worn out games. Stop paying people to sit on the phone calling people who have no idea who you are. Get contractors leads that actually focus on growing your business, not theirs. No matter what type of contractor leads you are looking for, you get $100 in additional free leads the first month

Our contractors leads will have your phones ringing with real clients. Try us for one month, no contracts. We will earn your business. 

Our Contractors leads work-Bottom line

We can be like every other website and tell you who we are the best and the most reliable. Or, we can tell you the simple truth which is, Our success rate is over 95%. Our customers experience a close ratio of 4/5.

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