Carpet Cleaning Leads

Carpet Cleaning Leads

 Carpet Cleaning Leads

Stop competing with the same companies for the same leads. Posting on free public websites may seem like a good idea until you realize that everyone else is doing the same thing. The problem with public websites is what they become saturated with the same people doing the same thing. 

Let our Carpet Cleaning Leads Find You 

Carpet cleaning leads that are qualified and ready to hire is what you're looking for. Furthermore, we are you paying money for the same info that is being sold to your competitors? It's time to try something else. You wouldn't walk into a grocery store and ask for stale food because it's cheaper. Why buy stale carpet cleaning leads?

Receive up to 3-5 calls on a good day/ Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Leads

Our Carpet Cleaning leads are exclusive. You will not have to "share" or compete for leads. We have helped many carpet cleaning companies grow their businesses. We make sure our companies are not competing with other companies for jobs. Get your $100 in free leads.

If you need carpet cleaning leads that are local, qualified and ready to purchase your services, give us a call. We have taken many carpet cleaners from one or two guys with a carpet cleaning machine to established, successful businesses.

We can generate up to 3-5 calls a day!

Perhaps you've spent enough money advertising on community websites that put you up against everyone else in your area. Or, perhaps you are tired of paying for leads that are completely useless. If any of these statements are true, I think it's time for real carpet cleaning leads that will actually result in paying customers.

 Ask about our cost effective monthly plans and pay us no commission

Any Carpet Cleaning Lead Generation company will tell you to have a consistent flow of new prospects coming in. What they don't tell you is what they define as a prospect. As far as carpet cleaning leads go, anyone who has a carpet and has had it cleaned is a prospect. We have a different definition. We consider a prospect to be someone in "real time" looking for a service. For this reason, we have a whole new approach to carpet cleaning leads. Our carpet cleaning leads are live local phone calls driven right to your website. We realize it's difficult to run advertising and promote a business while serving existing clients. That's why we offer low monthly rates and give you full control of your budget.

traditional lead generation and why it doesn't work

One reason traditional lead generation isn't effective is because it is too broad. Most traditional leads target the name of an industry as opposed to the specifics. In other words, the lead search is too general and not aimed at a specific skill or strong point.

Another reason for low results is outbound marketing. When using traditional lead generation, you are basically trying to convince someone why they should listen to you. You are trying to force your way into their homes as opposed to having them call you and invite you in. Let's face it. No-one likes sales calls. They are annoying and predictable. 

When you call people, they automatically go into the "defense mode." It's important to know this and give the customer a reason to seek you out.

Ask yourself, how well do you like it when a telemarketer calls your house? Also, what is your first reaction? If you are honest, you will say it's annoying and you just want to get rid of the person on the other end of the phone. When you buy traditional carpet cleaning leads, you have become that "telemarketer" whether you think so or not.  Stop wasting endless phone hours and useless information that may or may not pay off. Let your carpet cleaning leads call you. We know the carpet cleaning industry and what people are looking for.

Problems with google advertising

We here it all the time for people just like you looking for carpet cleaning leads. "I've tried Google advertising and it doesn't work. I get clicks and no calls". The bottom line is, they are wrong. What isn't working is the content. 

If people are clicking your site and leaving, they don't like what they see. What you need is better content. There is a reason our clients are getting up to 5-7 calls per day. Our carpet cleaning leads work because we are marketers.

Carpet cleaning leads are useless if you can't get the potential client on the phone. If you are paying for leads that no-one ever seems to be able to reach, just throw your money in the fire pit. The results will be the same. it really is time for a new system for generating carpet cleaning lead

If you want results, you need to make the first move. You can continue to advertise on free websites and attract people with no money, or, you can let us generate real-time live carpet cleaning leads that are actually ready to buy. You are in control of your company. Let us tell you how we generate carpet cleaning leads and decide for yourself

One of the main benefits of generating carpet cleaning leads on Google target marketing. When you advertise online, you have the benefit of targeting the exact market you want. Carpet Cleaning leads can include everything from basic carpet cleaning to delicate rug cleaning, even tile, and grout cleaning. 

When you advertise with us, you can decide which group you want to include as well as which groups you don't. Do you want commercial or residential carpet cleaning leads or both? it's 100% up to you. We generate carpet cleaning leads in your area.

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