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Benefits Of Pest Control SEO

So everything is set. You got you certification for pest control and you are ready to go. Now what? what difference does it make if nobody knows who you are? 

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful website, or you can go to one of those budget websites and build your own. However, if no-one sees it, it will do nothing but sit on the bottom of a very long list of unknown websites. 

The reality is, the reason any company lets you build a free website is that they know you will need them to help get it ranked either through SEO or PPC marketing. In fact, there are only two ways to get on Google (or any other search engine) That is through SEO or PPC marketing.

So, what are the values of SEO marketing for pest control?

The are many advantages to SEO for pest control, but let's focus on 3 of them right now.

1) Awareness
Potential clients will go to the internet to find a pest control company. Having qualified SEO marketing for pest control will raise awareness of your company by using popular search phrases the will draw people to your website. Over time SEO marketing for pest control will raise your companies web presence on search engines. Done the right way, your website will rank higher and higher over time when applicable search terms are entered into a potential clients search engine. 

Of course, the most used search phrases are the ones potential customers click on first. Effective SEO for pest control if kept up on will get your company ranked all the way to the top when the proper phrases are entered. For example: If you specialize in "green pest control" or "pet-friendly". When someone types "pest friendly pest control" in their search engine, Your website will come up and rank depending on how many times that phrase appears on your website. The trick is knowing popular phrases and how to apply them without sounding like "spam"

  1. 2) Website Functionality

In other words, once people get to your website, how easy is it to navigate? Remember, you have only a few seconds to get their attention and keep their attention and get them interested in what you have to offer. If you spend the whole first page bragging about who wonderful or company is, they write you off as being "just like everyone else". The reality is, everyone makes those claims, and yes, that too is for a reason.

We are the best pest control company in (name your state) 

Yea we know, everyone says the same thing. The reason this is there is simply because a potential customer may type in "best pest control company in Fresno, CA". As part of SEO for pest control companies, Google will see that phrase on your website. The problem is, that alone will not make your phones ring. Once people get to your website, they need to see something they like and want. By the way, this also applies to PPC advertising and the reason so many lose money. 

Most companies who do their own advertising overlook one simple fact-content. When we do SEO for pest control companies, we cover all aspects. We do the behind the scenes part as well as the marketing side,

3) SEO for Pest Control is Cost Effectiveness

This part is self-explanatory. You can spend money all types of advertising. Everything from radio and television ads can be used for advertising. For many years, these were the most used forms (next to cold calling) the bigger companies used. However, these types of marketing can be quite expensive and many times a waste of money, unless someone hears or sees the ad at the time they need your service.

Effective SEO for pest control companies helps customers reach you at the time they are in need of your service.targeted SEO literally helps potential customers find your business making every dollar you spend effectively. Call us now to talk to one of our SEO marketing specialists to answer your questions.

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