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Before you spend money on Contractors leads, make sure they are fresh, real time leads

There are Three types of lead Generation1) Typically, a lead generation company will get gather info from various sources based off of someone’s shopping habits or purchases.
This info is collected and sorted then sold to you and your competitors. It is then your job to reach these people (who have no idea who you are) and try to convince them to purchase your services. The problem is most of the time you can't even get them on the phone. When you do reach them, they are often annoyed are really don't want to talk to you. There is no 'convenient " time to talk.

2) Some companies just take your info and post it on their website along with your competitors. This is ok as long as you’re one of the first listed and you have the lowest price. There are two problems with this system. First, many want to charge you a monthly fee regardless of rather or not you get a call. Second, this type of marketing is very saturated. At Free Contractor leads, we are different. We offer live exclusive calls right to you

3) Inbound live leads (phone calls) are the third type of lead generation. This is the most effective simply because they are seeking you out. This is not gathered information that was collected from online searches. These leads are people who are actively searching for the services you provide. This is the type of lead generation we provide.

General Contractors Leads

General contractor leads |Home improvement leads

In many situations, general contractors are forced to wear many hats. Often times they are everything from accountant to sales rep, and worker. Regardless of how many lead generation companies tell you "they are the best", you know buying quality contractors leads can be difficult. This is the main reason why we feel the best contractors leads are the ones who call you.

Getting quality contractors leads shouldn't be complicated, yet, many times it is when you are dealing with conventional contractors leads. Are you a general contractor or home improvement contractor? If so, you know how frustrating lead generation can be. You know what it's like to purchase a bulk supply of contractor leads only to find out many of them weren't real leads at all. Most home improvement leads are stale by the time you buy them. Let's look at why.

As you may or may not know, many contractors lead generation companies basically trick people into giving them their numbers. Every time someone fills out a survey or questioner, their info is gathered and sold to you as a lead. The same is true of mass emails. No-one has time for that silliness if they are serious about running a business. What you need is real contractor’s leads

let's face it, the purpose of any lead generation system is to grow a business. The only way to do that is to bring on new customers. We have experience at bringing in Contractor leads for the variety of contractors in many different fields. Whether it's plumbing leads, handyman leads, carpenter leads or general contractors leads, What we found is simple. Inbound calls work better than outbound calls. It's better to have customers call you, it's simple logic.

The choice is yours. You can continue to post on websites where your just one of the many or you can stand apart from the crowd. Perhaps your getting tired of paying monthly fees AND percentages of commissions AND calls the are no good.

If you are, then welcome to your new start! Get ready for real success and never make another cold call again. It's time to make that phone ring. It really is the time that you got contractor leads that work.

Our contractor leads will call and be routed to any phone you wish to receive calls on. Don't waste time and money messing around with other companies that make promises they won't keep or ask for thousands of dollars just to get you started.

Let's face it, no one likes getting cold calls from 'sales" people. If they did, there wouldn't be so many different "techniques" to make them work. However, everyone will make a call when they need a service. Our leads are successful because we figured that out.  

We can get your phone ringing so you don't have to worry about cold calling. 

Our contractors' leads are the real thing.

stop wasting money on stale leads that have been sold to multi-buyers. also, stop giving away good commissions and paying high fees for "buying" phone calls. Instead, let us promote your service so you get your own phone calls. Our contractors leads are not coming from a third party, they come directly to you. In addition, you are in control of the type of contractors leads your company receives. 

yes, our system really does work! No, you won't know how well until you try us for 1 month. 

There is no contract to sign. We only offer month to month agreements. If you are not impressed with or contractors leads, you can quit. 

The choice is yours, you can continue to call people from old phone lists, or you can pay to have someone transfer a call to you, or, you can generate your own live contractors leads at the time they are searching for you.

Newest Trends In Contractors Lead Generation

One of the newest trends in leads generation is potential clients going to community websites and searching for contractors by category.  Many contractors pay monthly fees to be listed on these types of websites. Although it is better than just buying a list of phone numbers, there is still a much wiser way to spend your marketing budget. 

Why not advertise for yourself and have your own exclusive contractors leads. With our lead generation system, we will research the area, find the most popular searches and apply them to your personal advertising, We have the highest mobile click to call rate on any of our competitors. 

Ask about our $100 in free leads.

receive an additional $100 in free leads towards your advertising Budget.

We can cater to any type of contracting service. We specialize our advertising to suit you. Whatever type of contractors leads you need, our team will deliver. If we can't, we will tell you. OPur specialty is target marketing. The contractors leads that you get from us will be targeted to your business.

regardless of the type of contractors leads you may need, you owe it to yourself to at least talk to us. It's really simple if you are a contractor, you need quality contractors leads. 

regardless of the type of contractors leads you need, they are a generated the same way. Most Leads are generated by online advertising. The difference is, most lead generation companies direct the leads to their own sites and send them to you. We actually send the calls to your site.

When you're looking for pest control leads the key to success is focusing on exactly it is you are offering What are you trying to market? Insect control, rodent control and trapping or prevention, perhaps its all of the above. 

Be clear about what you are offering and give potential prospects information that they need. What you need is someone who knows how to market your trade and capture people's interest. Talk to us and see if we can generate the type of pest control leads you are looking for.

Many people like to advertise on public websites and community boards in order to get the appropriate contractors leads for their business. The problem with these type of websites is competition, These websites are flooded with people just like you competing for the same customers. 

Also, certain websites allow others to block your ads for any reason. This is not a professional or acceptable way to generate contractors lead.

One of the biggest challenges to any business is finding clients. Many contractors go through many different strategies to find qualifies contractors leads for their businesses. One approach that has been used in the past is buying bulk contractors leads and just cold calling.

At one point, cold calling was the method of choice. People would go through great means to train people on how to talk to people without being hung up on. A really good phone salesperson could get about a 10% success rate, Those rates are just unacceptable these days. In fact, many people won't even talk to a phone salesperson anymore. That's why phone salespeople are always thinking of new ways to "trick" people into talking to them. this is not a profitable model for generating contractors leads.

In today's business world, the way to generate contractors leads is to generate business online. The internet has taken the place of the phone book. Online marketing has taken the place of collected information being sold to as contractors leads.

Lead generation has many different forms, but one ultimate goal. That goal is to make your business thrive. General contractors leads is a very broad category. it can mean every from remodeling, repair, and even handyman. Or, it can mean all of the above.

The key to making it work for you is bringing you the right type of contractors leads for your business. This is what a qualified lead generation focuses on. Unfortunately, too many lead generation companies are just interested in push out as many leads as possible to as many people as possible. We have a different approach to the process.

Our contractors leads are based on your individual needs and wants. We generate leads based on the strengths of your business. After careful research in your area, we work with our clients to provide customers with an incentive to call you.

The bottom line is this, we know your time is important and so is your cash flow. Instead of calling people who may or may not be interested, or paying someone else to do it, why not try a new approach. Our general contractor leads are not random phone numbers, they are actual people calling you!

If you are a general contractor looking for contractors leads, why not give us a call? Let us get a feel for who you are and the type of contractors leads you need for your specific business. Our contractor's leads are exclusive and are designed for your business.

As many contractors know, it's hard to do your job while your time is being taken up looking for new contractors leads. whether is hunting down new contractors leads or spend time on the phone calling the ones you already have. We have an easier way.

What you need is someone who knows that industry and also has great marketing skills. Only then will you attract quality contractors leads who are right for your company. When generating contractors leads for your business, you need to be very clear on what type of services you offer and what type of clients you want to attract.

As you probably already learned, just because something is labeled as a lead doesn't mean it is appropriate for your particular service. This is why many contractors leads are a waste of your time. Just because it was generated on a popular site doesn't mean its what you are looking for.

Home improvement leads can mean many things to many contractors. Depending on your skill set, many home improvement leads you purchase may have nothing to do with your actual business. So, how do you know beforehand what type of home improvement leads you are buying.

The best way to answer that question is to know exactly what you are getting before you get them. Buy the same generic leads that everyone else is fighting over isn't going to solve your problem. In reality, this type of lead generation is typical only because they benefit the lead generation company.

A home improvement lead could be anything from a quick home repair job, landscaping job, painting job, or a complete room addition. If you are going to invest money in a lead generation company, make sure they can bring you the type of leads that will grow your business in the direction you want to go in.

When you buy leads form us, you are not buying a collection of random home improvement leads, you are actually getting a lead generation program designed for you.

So how exactly does it work?

When we take on a client, the first thing we look at is the area we are going to be working in. We look at pricing, as well as what isn't working in your area. Also, we look at what people are actually looking for as far as searches. When this is done, we talk to our clients to find out what exactly they are offering.

Together, we come up with a plan that not only gets people to your website but actually motivates them to call you. Hint: 3 pages of how wonderful your company is, that how you are "the best company out there" isn't it! What people want is simple. What are they getting for their money? Why should they call you instead of all the other "best companies in the world" out there?

SImply put, generating home improvement leads that are live, real-time and actually interested in what you offer requires two things1) Knowing how to drive traffic to your website2) Knowing how to get their attention once they get there.

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