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What is a roofing lead?

Roofing leads are people or prospects who are potentially looking for roofing services. Inbound roofing leads are consumers who are actively looking for roofing service. These leads are created when a potential customer fills out a contact form or calls a business directly. This is the only type of leads we deal with.

If you are a roofing business owner, and you want quality, live roofing leads, call us. Don't settle for old, multi-sold roofing leads.

Call 720-263-7001 (Call for availability, Not all areas are available, we only work with a limited number of roofing contractors per city.)

Our roofing leads are from local customers searching for a roofing company or contractor in your area.  Because we target your customers at the exact time they are looking to speak with a roofing contractor, our roofing leads are the best.  No more paying for roofing leads just to have a customer not want to even talk to you about getting a price estimate.

If you are a roofer, purchasing a list of qualified roofing leads' it may seem like a great way to gain customers, but what you don’t know is how old that list is, and if those people are actually still interested your type of service. If they are not, what you have done is purchased a cold lead. In other words, useless information.

You can also count on the fact that this list of so-called roofing leads you purchased have been sold to at least 3 or 4 other roofers like yourself. To you, that person on the other end of the phone may be a roofing lead. To them, you are one more telemarketer trying to sell them something. This is known as outbound calling or cold calling. The only roofing leads you should invest in inbound calls.

Targeted VS Untargeted leads

One of the biggest problems with lead generation, including roofing leads, is that they are not really “targeted”. Contact information is gathered by lead generation companies and sold to you (and up to 3 other companies at the same time). Just because someone visits a website or accidentally clicks on a popup, doesn’t mean they are looking for your services. The problem is, good or not, you’ve paid for the lead already. For the most part, lead generation, including roofing leads is nothing more than making a cold call. You'll probably have better luck buying a phone book.

When you are looking for roofing leads, you need to know that you are not wasting time and money. In fact, why look for roofing leads when they can be looking for you? whether it's general roofing leads or roofing repair leads, it always makes more sense to have people seeking you out.

When you work with our roofing leads, you are working with targeted leads that are actively looking for what you do. All you really have to do is answer the phone. In other words, you become the lead that the customer is looking for. The bottom line is no-one like to be bothered with cold calls, or having someone try to sell them something. However, as business people, we assume it's just a "necessary evil" Not anymore.

We find it's much more beneficial to have people call you. That's why our roofing leads are among the best in the business. You will find the when roofing repair leads are calling you, they are much more opened to what you have to say. Anytime someone calls you it's because they want what you have to offer and are usually ready to buy

Roofing leads are the lifeblood of any successful roofing company. provides exclusive commercial roofing leads, residential roofing leads, and roofing repair leads.  Not all leads are equal, our roofing leads are inbound live calls from customers who are serious about hiring a roofing contractor.  If you're not getting calls, then you're not getting jobs or making money.  Fortunately, we are experts at producing roofing leads and will get your business phone ringing right away.

 Close more roofing jobs with our $100 in free roofing leads.  We limit how many roofing contractors we work with per area so contact us for availability.  If you are tired of wasting money on advertising that doesn't bring in qualified calls, call us we will increase qualified roofing calls or leads in the first month of using our service.

Many times when you buy a roofing lead. you may pay up to $300 or more for 10-20 leads that have been sold multiple times. Of course, the roofing lead generation company will tell you that if you get one job for several thousand dollars, you have made your money back. What they are really saying is "yes, their leads are mostly bad, but you might get a good one, if you are lucky". Well, a good roofing lead has nothing to do with luck, it has more to do with smart marketing.

We basically turn the tables on the whole lead generation process. We focus on the strengths of your business and finding the clients who are looking specifically to what you have to offer. Your roofing leads are seeking you out.

Why don't traditional roofing leads work?
  • Low success rates- If you are a great salesperson and have great phones skills, and plenty of time, you can enjoy a 10% success rate.
  • Keeping a current contact list-  Roofing Leads are multi sold, so they grow cold fast. You need to be the first person to call
  • you’re calling people who don't know you- The bottom line is, to them you are one more annoying phone salesman. You seldom get the decision maker- We all know this. If you are a commercial roofer looking for commercial roofing leads, the "gatekeeper" is ready and trained to give you the runaround. Their bosses don't want to talk to you.

    You Choose!

With our roofing leads, you're in control. You decide what type of roofing leads you are looking for, and what budget you want to work with. You also decide what type of radius you are looking for. We don't believe in a "one size fits all" lead generation program. We focus on generating roofing leads that fit our clients. Don't spend any more money on old fashioned roofing leads. Instead, new clients find you.

As with any type of leads, the term "roofing leads" is a bit overused. In fact, many leads you buy are nothing but phone numbers from people who may have been looking months ago. That isn't a true roofing lead, that is just stale information.

There is a reason why cold calling roofing leads just don't work. Cold calling is an old fashioned method of generating business that has been replaced by different types of advertising. The bottom line is simple. People do not like you calling them trying to sell something. The same is true with roofing leads as well.

The bottom line is this, traditional lead generation is the online equivalent of "door to door" sales. If you bother enough people, you may find one or two that are actually real roofing leads. In fact, anyone with a roof in their building can be considered a roofing lead. In other words, the traditional way of purchasing leads for roofing is "hit and miss. The key to success is target marketing. Let the appropriate customers find you,

 If you are still buying captured information from the internet, it;s time to up your game. Its tine you get real roofing leads from people who can produce real, interested and live customers. You may think you are getting a good deal buying traditional roofing leads, but when you calculate the time and energy it takes to call these leads, you may change your tune.

In order to produce the best quality roofing leads, we start by establishing a relationship with our roofers. We get to know your specific business and generate leads that apply specifically to you. Since no two business models are the same, Roofing lead generation programs can't all be the same. We don't believe in "once size fits all" lead generation.

Our inbound roofing leads know what they are looking for. More importantly, they know what you offer when they call you. We don't use cheap gimmicks and worn out techniques. We simply give people are a reason to call you. Our job is to get your phones to ring. Call us now to get real roofing leads that turn into real clients

The choice is yours, you can spend money old phone lists, you can waste time and money cold calling, or you can get live inbound roofing leads

$100 Free Roofing Leads-

Call 263-7001 for availability in your area (we only work with a limited number of roofing contractors per city so not all areas are available)

We make finding qualified roofing leads easy!

Try us and get $100 in Free Roofing Leads!

Roofing leads are some of the highest profit leads available to contractors. The Average roofing leads produce Jobs in the range of $5,000-$38,000. Roofing leads are some of our favorite leads to work with simply because of the profits involved.

Our leads are exclusive! We only work with one roofing contractor per area. This way, we can guarantee our contractors an exclusive area! Smart business people know a good deal when he or she sees one. If you decide to wait, someone else will call. Don't let that happen! Be the first one in your area to take advantage of this deal. Roofing leads are in high demand. Call now and claim your area.

Don't fight over roofing leads. Don't pay expensive fees to a listing company just to have them host your bidding wars. Worse yet, don't pay for a list of phone numbers that have already been picked through. You owe it to yourself to at least check out what the smart business owners are doing.

Traditional Roofing Leads Vs Our Roofing leads:

Let's face it, when you purchase leads, you are buying a list of phone numbers you just cold call. The average closing rates among these types of roofing leads are around 10%. The time you spend calling can be put to much better use. Our roofing lead generation is completely different. With our process, you become the person that the client is calling. In other words, you become the roofing lead.

Quantity vs. Quality

As you know, roofing leads, like any other leads are a numbers game. For example, if you buy 100 roofing leads, 10 may actually be good. Out of those, maybe 2 or 3 may be ready to purchase. Out of those, hopefully, you got to one of them first.  

With our system, we focus on quality and not selling phone numbers. When our roofing leads call, they are calling because they need your services now! They are not interested in the process or lead generation game. They need service and they call you. Getting 3-5 calls in a week from people who are actually looking for you at an average of $5,000 - $38,000 per job is better than a list of random phone numbers who often times aren't even looking for services.

There are several big name lead generation companies who will charge you for the leads, plus a monthly charge and for any sales you make. Not only do they charge you multiple times, they also sell the same leads to your competitors.

There are also many companies who charge you just to be on their website with all your competitors. Very few lead generation companies are advocates for the actual contractors. That's where are roofing leads are different.

Don't be taken in by companies who claim to be on your side, but then sell you the same roofing leads the sold everyone else.

Roofing leads available include:

Roofing repair leads

Commercial roofing leads

New roofing leads

Call 720-263-7001 (Call for availability, Not all areas are available, we only work with a limited number of roofing contractors per city.)

Regardless of the type of roofing leads you are looking for, we can help. We don't believe in the typical "one size fits all" approach to lead generation. Since we generate inbound calls, we need to make sure these calls are real. It is important we get to know your business so we can develop and produce they type of roofing leads and calls the will benefit you. 

You Choose what types of calls you want

With most lead generation companies, you basically take the roofing leads they give you. You have very little if any control of the roofing leads you are actually buying. Many roofers have specific roofing leads they are looking for. Some roofers we work with do not want to do flat roofs. Other prefer not doing repairs, while others yet want to do everything. You tell us your preference and we will produce the right leads for you.

Old Leads:

How many times have you spent hours calling roofing leads only to find out that your potential client already hired someone? Who many times did you call a roofing lead just to find out that the "lead form" they filled out was months old?  It happens more often than you think. Both new roofing leads and roofing repair leads are nothing more than a collection of names your competition couldn't sell, or that are just plain old. It's time for a new business model. Why not become a lead yourself and let clients chase you around?

Why roofing repair leads are so important: Many times our roofing repair leads will actually turn into a new roof sale. Depending on the amount of roof damage, getting a new roof with a warranty often times is a better value for the homeowner. Even when our roofing leads for repair don't end up purchasing a new roof instead of paying for repairs, it is still profitable for your business and may even call you back in a few years for the new roof if you provided excellent service. Roofing repair leads are an easy way to get referrals. Many times people have a friend or family member in need of a new roof but roofing repairs are much more common and usually, produce more referrals.

Basic Facts:

There are several types of roofing leads all depending on the type of business you're looking for.  As a contractor, you have to rely on the lead generation company to provide you with the appropriate type of leads.  Are you looking for residential roofing leads, commercials roofing leads, roofing repair leads, or a combination of all? With, we will create of roofing lead generation program specifically to the needs of your business.  We get to know your business, your needs, and your market. We have one job, making your phone ring with the proper calls.

Not all Roofing leads are real!

There are many ways to collect roofing leads (or any other type of leads). In many cases, a person might answer a mass email or participate in some home improvement survey expressing a slight interest in maybe purchasing a new roof somewhere down the road. Guess what! That random person is now a roofing lead you spent good money on. All you have to do now is call them, convince them you are not a telemarketer and then convince them that they need a new roof now instead of maybe a year from now if and when they get the money. You get the idea. That is not a qualified roofing lead.  I'm sure are probably tired of that scenario. 

Stop playing that same time-consuming game. All you are doing is making lead generation companies rich. A qualified roofing lead is someone who needs a roofing contractor now. A great roofing lead is some who calls you directly.

Why some Advertising doesn't work

many people will tell you that on-line advertising doesn't work. The truth is, it does work quite well. If you on-line campaign isn't producing roofing leads, it's because the content in the website is failing. In order to produce good quality roofing leads taken good quality advertising content, That is what we do. Simply put, we give customers a reason to call you. They call you because they like what they see and want to know more. Our inbound roofing leads are real roofing leads from real customers. We do not sell captured information from the internet. There is no cold calling involved. Generating quality roofing leads requires the right marketing approach. 

Call 720-263-7001 (Call for availability, Not all areas are available, we only work with a limited number of roofing contractors per city.)

Old fashioned lead generation

15-25 years ago, business owners simply bought a phone book and started calling people. This is how lead generation was done. The same applied to roofing leads. After the internet got involved, people would gather information and sell it to contractors. This was basic lead generation. You would go online and visit a roofing website, and your info was captured and sold as roofing leads to contractors.

The New Way

Bottom line, Google Advertising is replacing everything. Our businesses are getting plenty of calls and high closing rates. How are we different? Call us and we'll explain.

If you tried advertising on google and were not successful, the problem was in the content. Call and we'll explain. Our Roofing leads are the real thing.

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