Water, Fire and Mold leads

Water damage leads, Fire damage leads and mold damage leads
What is a sales lead?

A sales lead is a potential buyer of the service that you are selling. sales leads come through from sources such as advertising, referrals, and records of past purchases. Every time you purchase something from a service company or online, your information is collected and sold. Many times, the "prospect" is not even aware of you and your company.

Depending on the industry, Leads purchasing can be quite costly. when looking for water and flood damage leads, this can be a very expensive way to do business.

Water damage leads, Fire damage leads and mold damage leads

These Tyoes of leads are  some of the most costly leads that contractors come up against. Our system of producing leads and calls comes in up to 40% cheaper than the major lead generation companies. Furthermore, our calls are exclusive, Live and local to your area. 

Our customers are set up with an exclusive area based on their county or zip code. Call now and see which areas are still available. Be the company that people call first. Call and ask us about our marketing plans and our different services.
Here is why our system is better:
Inbound is always better:

In most cases, lead generation companies want you to not only pay for the lead (whether they are good or not), they want to pay a commission on closed deals. Often time what passes as a lead is nothing more than information about a certain business. You have no way to judge whether or not a lead is good unless you call it.

 When our water and fire damage leads call you, you know they are good. They called because they need assistance. Our water or fire damage leads that are ready to buy is worth a lot more than some job posted on a board that all your competition has already called. get ahead of the game, switch over to our inbound call method. 

With traditional lead generation companies, every lead that is sold to you is sold to your competitors. Often times, the first person to calls the lead is the one who gets the job. For the most part, calling a lead is just like making a cold call. With our system, not only do you get your own water damage leads, but you become the lead that the prospects are chasing down. All you need to do is answer the phone!

Other water damage lead companies will raise their price tacking on extra charges to the leads. The more leads you buy, the more money they make. With us, our cost is up front. We don't make money off of your calls. You set your own budget according to your needs, our fee never changes! You tell is how much you want to spend. The money you spend on your leads goes to your leads 100% of the time.

Let's be honest. You don't like receiving sales calls, no one does. They are very annoying and predictable. All you want to do is get rid of them. They same goes for every customer you call. Most people are like you. When they need you they will call.  Water and flood damage leads are no different. 

Water damage leads can be very costly so you want to make sure the leads you get are not only interested but are still looking. In other words, you want live phone calls, not a list of phone numbers. Our water damage leads are just that. We offer live and local phone calls in real time for real customers.

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