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How do you know the plumbing leads (or any other leads) you are buying are legit? First off, for a lead to be a real lead, it should be a person who is looking for whatever type of service you are providing. That seems like a no-brainer right? Well, you'd be surprised how many leads; including plumbing leads are not actual leads at all.

There are many tricks to get people to give up their numbers to lead generation companies who, in return, sell them to you. In fact, if you have ever purchased plumbing supplies with a credit card and were asked for your phone number, you just became a plumbing lead. Plumbing leads are not exempt from these types of tricks.

 The way we see it, plumbing leads should be coming directly to you. In other words, inbound leads. Our plumbing leads are just that. 

We set you up with your own area, research your area, and come up with real incentives for people to call you. In other words, we market your product. Our plumbing leads are people who choose to call you over your competitor.

Plumbing problems occur any place at any time. When problems happen, people go to the internet and look up plumbers.That is how plumbing leads are generated in today's age. Plumbing leads are among those leads that need to be fresh to be effective. Purchasing a list of numbers doesn't work.

We now have a second option for plumbing leads. Our newest plumbing lead option is perfect for small business who don't have a marketing budget, or who don't have someone available to take their calls.

Our local Partner Pro Programs actually takes you calls and sends you the jobs. All you have to do is show up! For a very low fee and a small percentage of the jobs, we will take care of all the appointment's and booking. 

We work closely with all of our plumbing contractors to insure the best results.

This program has limited space so call now to see if your business qualifies

One of the main problems with using outbound marketing for generating plumbing leads is that you are using sales pitches to start your dialog. This is true even if you don't think it is. When you start a call with "hello, how are you today", that alone puts people on the defense.

You may be the best plumber in the world, but as soon as you pick up that phone, you are a telemarketer. The bottom line is simple, people do not want to talk to a telemarketer. Even if they need whatever you are selling. The same is true with plumbing leads.

One of the problems with traditional cold calling is that the people you are calling may no longer (if ever) be looking for your services. This leads me to the next type of Plumbing leads.

When someone is looking for a plumber, they may call one of these well know websites that hosts every plumber in your area. At that point, every plumber in your area begins to blow up their phone. Only one of you will get the job, but you all paid for the same lead.

Now, let's try a different approach. Instead of pushing your way onto new clients, let's try drawing new clients onto your business. Your plumbing leads will far more receptive to what you are saying.

Nobody likes a pushy salesman. Nobody likes being plundered by numerous phone calls about the same thing. What people like is being able to call a plumber when they need one. When they are looking, they will go with the company that offers them something of value. Not the same old "we're the best" routine.

If this makes sense to you, call us now and hear about what we can do for you. We generate our plumbing leads based on what people are actually looking for. We work with our clients to create incentives and motivators that get people excited to talk to you

Anyone who works in advertising or lead generation knows that the marketing world has changes. Many traditional forms of advertising, including lead generation for plumbing leads is becoming a bit more challenging.

Here are some of the challenges that marketers face. First, let me be clear. I realize the if you are reading this, you are a plumber looking for plumbing leads, however, lead generation is marketing.

The first thing you need to realize is that consumers have changed the way the purchase. A few years back, before social media, cold calling and direct mail were the primary ways to advertise. Telemarketers who spend 8 hrs a day calling lists of people trying to sell whatever product or service they were selling.

If you were attempting to generation plumbing leads, or any other type of leads, you would have to hope you called someone who needed your service, or offer some type of preventative maintenance service. In many cases, Generation plumbing leads was nothing more than calling a phone list.

Now, in today's world, telemarketers and viewed as being negative. In fact, in businesses, the “gate keeper” or receptionists are specifically trained not to let sales calls through.

Another popular way to generate plumbing leads, for larger companies who had the budget, was traditional media such as television on radio ads. In fact, a sales person could make a great profit just by selling ads space on a particular TV or radio station. That too, doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did.

The bottom line is simple.This generation longer respond to ads the way other generations did. Millennials are used to everything being fast at there finger tips when needed.

They don't want to hear a sales pitch, or take time hear what you have to say. Instead, when they hear a typical ad on traditional media (if the even use it) they view it as annoying or intrusive. So, how can you still generate useful, live plumbing leads?

The key to answering that question is know how today’s millennials respond and what they respond too, In other words, the Internet and social media are the key to lead generation. Whether it’s plumbing leads or any other lead generation, the answer is the same.

When someone needs a service or a product, they go to the Internet. Either Google or Social media are where they turn. (When was the last time you hear someone say they wanted search the Yellow Pages?) Keep in mind, that today’s generation wants everything now? This is an important key to generation useful plumbing leads.

You need a message that gets to the point, you need to tell people what you offer, and why they should call you as opposed to everyone else who claims to be the best. You need a marketing team that knows how to deliver using all the latest social media and Internet tools.

Yours ads need to be clear as well as capture the attention of a potential client right form the beginning. If you want quality real time plumbing leads, call us now before you make any decision and see if what we offer is right for you.

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