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Network of providers
One of the more popular ways to generate contractors leads is to join networks of contractors that offer the same service. This may seem like a good idea at first, but is it really?

When you join these types of networks, you are essentially joining a price war. You are competing with other companies for the lowest rate regardless of the quality of work. In short, you are still fighting over the same leads. The smart business owners know it's best to generate their own contractors' leads

One of the main reasons people decide to work with us is because our leads are exclusive. Many contractors complain that their previous service gives them leads, and by the time they are able to reach them, they went with another contractor. There are reasons for that happening, but instead of wasting time on explaining why something doesn't work, we would rather offer something that does!

Freecontracorsleads.com offers exclusive calls that go to you and only you. In other words, we work for you. We produce local leads in your area that come to you and only you. For this reason, we limit the number of people in each area we work with. Check now to see if your area is available

Give people a reason to call you.

You can look at 100 websites and you will see 100 of the best contractors in the word. That just isn't good enough anymore. If you want to generate quality contractors leads online, you have to offer something a bit more. you have to offer people an incentive or a (good reason) to want to call you. In other words, you need a marketing plan. That's our job. 

We research the area and get to know the market, From that we but together incentives and deals that make people want to talk to you. The best way to make a good first impression when trying to generate contractos leads is by not sounding like everyone else. We work with all of our clients to find the right incentives to make your phone ring.  Our exclusive leads are designed specifiaclly to your business.

Problems with traditional leads 

Unless you are a big name company, it is really difficult to convert random leads into sales. People just are not interested in listening to someone they haven’t heard off. Another disadvantage is that any leads you buy are also sold to several other contractors. You can buy exclusive leads, but they are quite expensive. Since leads are sold to several buyers, chances are the lead is no longer a good lead by the time you get them on the phone. Lastly, just because someone’s info happened to get collected does not mean that person is even in the market for the service you are selling

Many contractors like to post on community job boards or those so-called lead generation websites thinking they are getting a great opportunity to get their name out there. The problem is everyone else is doing the same thing. That's why we have a very limited space per area. We set people up with a radius based on their business zip code. We only take one type of contractor per area so we are not putting our clients up against each other.

Live Inbound Calls

 After we determine an area, we send live local calls right to your phone. You never have to worry about us multi-selling the calls you get.The bottom line is simple. We believe is you are going to pay for lead generation, you should be getting exclusive leads.

Price wars and competition for the same contractors leads are  the driving force behind many of so-called lead generation companies. It is also the reason that more and more businesses are turning to their own advertising. Give us a try for a month. If your not happy fire us. We want to work for you. Let us generate contracts leads that will make a difference

Exclusive leads vs. shared leads, the choice is yours
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