The Lead Generation Industry

The best lead generation strategies 

There are four major ways to generate exclusive leads, or Air Conditioning leads. Knowing how each strategy works is the key to a successful lead generation marketing campaign.

The first way, and probably the most common is Community websites where you and your competition all list your company and compete for the same clients. This particular way can be successful if you are the cheapest in your area, or are the first to answer your phone. The problem is, you are are competing with everyone in your area. This type of lead generation can quickly become nothing but a bidding war in which the lowest price wins.

Another Effective way to generate leads in through an email marketing campaign. Email Marketing, if done right can definitelydrive qualified leads to your website.

The first step to a successful email marketing campaign is gathering a list of qualified potential clients. getting this type of list can be time-consuming and difficult. Often times you need to purchase these lists from a lead generation company or actually call the potential client and ask for their email.

The benefits of email marketing are that you know subscribers are interested and, an email is far less intrusive than phone calls. People can look at the email in their spare time. In other words, they are already interested in your product. Another benefit is that you can target your emails to different clients with different messages as well as special pricing offers.

There are also disadvantages to this type of lead generation. First off, it takes time and money to develop this type of list. it is literally a numbers game. it takes hundreds of emails just to get a handful of interested clients. Also, there really is no way to be sure your emails are even being read. A potential may also lose interest and unsubscribe to your emails.


Most people agree that SEO is one of the best strategies to attract qualified contractors Leads. SEO, or search word optimization is a great way to develop and maintain an online presence. In time SEO will improve your ranking on Google making your website visible to more and more people. Keep in mind, the amount of contractors leads you to generate is related to the number of people who actually can find your website.

Even though SEO is a great option, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First off, knowing the right keywords requires knowing what people are actually looking for. Also, what most people forget, the content of your website has to offer something that makes people want to stay, and actually pick up the phone.

What does that mean?

That means simple telling people how wonderful your company is and how good your work ethic is will not be enough. People need a reason to call you. They need to know what you can actually do for them. SEO is one of the options we offer for HVAC lead generation. Our marketing team specializes in online marketing. This means we will actually sit down with you and help you develop incentives to get your phones ringing.


Related to SEO is also Awords. LIke SEO Marketing, Adwords is a very successful method for generating air conditioning leads.

PPC is another great avenue of lead Generations. PPC a is type of paid advertising that allows you to target your industry’s most important keywords – similar to SEO. However, where SEO can take a while to show results, PPC works immediately.

There is a lot to know about PPC and keywords. Knowing how to bid on a keyword, or which keywords to bid on has a lot to do with when and where your website appears in a search. Bidding on keywords is only part of the process.

Just as important as the keywords is the content of the website! This can not be stressed enough. We've talked to many people who have tried Adwords on there own, it's always the same complaint. "I get clicks but no calls" In every case, it is the content that caused them to fail. Whether you use SEO or PPC, you need to have the right content in order to get your phones to ring.

That were we come in. We are not just computer engineers we are also marketers. We take the time to find out what the market is and what people want. That is our only job. We guarantee we can make your phones ring.

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