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Inbound Calls 

Many Contractors are starting to see the difference in traditional leads vs. Phone calls. In fact, many contractors are making the switch to live calls, especially for roofing leads. On many of the current "live call" website, a potential customer can call in, explain what they looking for, and the call may (or may not) be forwarded to you. 

You are still dealing with a "middle man" which means you are still going to pay a "markup". Not only are you paying the cost of the advertising, you are also paying a percentage of your profits in order to pay the lead generation company. This can be quite costly.

Direct Leads

Our method is much simpler. You simply pay us a monthly rate, set your own budget, and the best part, you keep all the profits. The bottm line is simple. Our Contractors leads turn into real jobs that bring in real money. Real Contractors  leads mean real results.

Inbound Versus outbound leads, which is more effective

Inbound and Outbound” are two completely different methods of lead generation. Several factors need to come into consideration when trying to decide what type of contractors leads are best for your business.

Lets look at some factors for both types of contractors leads. 

Outbound Leads are on the way out

More and more companies are starting to realize that outbound leads are really nothing more than a list of phone numbers. Of of the biggest problems with outbound leads is that you have very little time (of you can even get the right person to listen to you) to get someone know about your company and what you have to offer.

You don't even know if the person your talking to is even looking for what you have to offer. Most likely, you are just waisting their time as well as your own. Lets it. Most of them don't even want to talk to you. They are looking for a reason to get you off of the phone.

Inbound Leads Already have an idea who you are

With outbound leads, you have to start from the beginning explaining everything about who you are. You need to assume that the person you are calling knows nothing about your company.

With inbound leads, you already know that the potential clients knows at least something about you. You know that inbound leads are in need of your service, and they know at least something about your company. At very least, they know enough to want to talk to you. 

The key to generating quality inbound leads is to know how to reach a particular clientele and know what will get their attention.

Inbound Leads | Inbound Calls | Inbound Calls