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 Lead generation is our specialty.  We get local customers calling your business with our online ads.  Don't fight over leads with competitors try our leads and keep your profits high.  We show your ads right at the very moment your customer is thinking about buying, that's why our leads are so good.  Our leads come in directly from Google and are not marked up and resold like other lead generation companies.  Give our Free $100 in Lead Generation a try.

I tried online marketing myself, it didn't work

let's take this issue on right away. We get this all the time. People claim they've tried some sort of online marketing and it didn't work. Of course, it didn't, you did it yourself. You are not a marketer or an engineer. It didn't work because the content was no good. if you got several clicks or visits and no calls, it was being done wrong. Plain and simple. Like anything else, it takes some time to learn to do right. We have that knowledge and the success rate.

The truth is, everybody has a lead generation story to tell regardless of the method they close. There are stories of people who will tell you online advertising doesn't work because they've tried it. The bottom line is, they did it wrong. It really is that simple. 

The companies who make it today are the ones who have an online presence as well are the right message. That's what we do. And yes, we really are that good.

Look at it this way, if you drive to the store, and they don't like anything you see, you would leave. Know, would you blame the cab? No, you would blame the store for not having what you need. The same is true for online lead generation. If people see your advertising and don't like what they see, it is the fault of the content writer. That's where we can help.

Our job is to make your phone ring. We will produce the right type of calls for your contractor business.

One of the biggest complaints we hear is people telling us they already have already tried many lead generation companies and advertising companies and got very few results. This is why we only focus on inbound leads or inbound calls. When using a lead generation company, you need to make sure that the contracting leads you buy are inbound contractors leads.

What's the difference?

An inbound lead is an exclusive lead that comes into to your website (or phone) that is filled out directly by the person seeking your service. They have seen your ad, they like what they saw and want to hear more. our job as a marketing/lead generation company is to make sure that your business stands out and gives people an incentive to buy.

Keep in mind, there are only two ways to obtain an online presence. You can use one of two methods, Paid advertising or search word optimization. Many people try to do this themselves. A common complaint is "our website is showing, but no one is calling" Well, the answer to that is simple. Your content is no good! There is nothing on your website that stands out and makes people want to call you. That's exactly why you need to call us

The key to successful online lead generation is having an incentive. People need to see something that entices them to call you. They need to see something more than you telling them how wonderful you are. You need to show them what you can do for them. We are the top online lead generation company. 

We get results, that why we don't need contracts. People stay with us because our online lead generation works. We are the lead generation company that people call for results. Our contractors' leads are the freshest leads you can get. It's not a gimmick, it's not a trick, it is marketing, plain and simple. It's what we do. 

contractors leads generated online are the freshest form of lead generation. There is no way around that simple fact. The contractors leads that are going to be the most opened to you are the ones who call you. That is simple logic.

Online leads generation is today's key to success. Days of cold calling are over. Everyone knows the tricks and nobody wants to talk to a phone sales person. If you are still calling people or knocking on doors, it's time to up your game. Call us for some real time contractors leads, directly to your phone.

Online lead generation is not a "concept" or a "great new idea", it's reality. It is simply the way things are done today. Not having an online presence is the 1970's version of not having a telephone.

Generating leads online is all about content. People can visit your website all day long but there don't like what they see, they will not call. People like to blame the method rather than the [poor quality of content. That's like walking into a store, not liking what you see and blaming the door. In other words, if you spend your whole website telling folks that you are the "best", you've just made yourself sound like everyone else.

Our contractor leads are built on incentive. We will work with our clients to find a real reason for them to call you. Quality contractor leads are people who see what you offer and want to talk to you about it.

Lets put it like this. If you walk into a new store, look around then leave, what does that mean? I'm guessing it is either because the store didn't have what you wanted because the product was overpriced. Now, if this kept happening, a smart business owner would take a look at the content of this store and/or the pricing. 

A less experienced owner would blame the door. It doesn't make much sense, does it? You are doing the same thing when you blame PPC or SEO for you not getting calls. The truth is, your problem is your content. it really is as simple as that.

We have the solution you need. We will work with you hand in hand on a regular basis to make sure your content is getting the results you need, regardless of the type of advertising method you choose. We are so confident in our ability, we don't need to hold you to any long-term content. 

All our agreements are month to month. You will come back because you want to. Whether you want PPC, SEO, or our simple social media model, our content is what makes the difference.

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