find motivated sellers now

Motivated Home Sellers
find motivated sellers now

Our marketing plan has people coming directly to you. There is no reselling of leads to multiple people, there is no third party selling. Our system simply will simply find people motivated to sell now and lead them right to you in real time. It really is that simple. We only deal in leads that are fresh, real-time calls. If you actively trying to find motivated seller now then our service is for you. 

We will set you up with a professional looking website and quality marketing the give motivated sellers a reason to call you
We are a marketing company know how to motivate people. We don't waste time with cheap gimmicks and endless phone lists. We realize that calling people, or "cold calling" does not do anything but annoy people, 

The simple fact is, most people go directly to the internet when they need to sell their home quickly.  What you need is a web presence that gives people a reason to want to call you. Let us help you find motivated sellers now!

The simple fact is, motivated home sellers don't want to waste time messing around with realtors. When people need fast answers, they go to the internet for solutions. This is why you need to take advantage of this type of lead generation. perhaps you've tried it before and didn't get the results you were hoping for. Or, perhaps you've never tried it. Either way, it's in your own best interest to talk to us. 

We get results because we have s[ecialts in all of the areas we work in. We know what our clients are looking for and we know where to find it. Our motivated home seller leads are live and local.

Selling homes for cash is one of the fastest growing industries. Many people are turning towards this option for many different reasons. Advertising online is who successful people are getting all their leads. Motivated home seller leads are no exception. The key to being successful is to have someone who specializes in online marketing and not just putting up a website that says the exact same thing as every other website

If you are looking for motivated sellers now, the search stops here. Our motivated home sellers are ready to sell. All they need is someone to make them an offer. 

Who is the right target market for generating leads for motivated sellers?

This the starting point for your lead generation program. Motivated sellers are a different market than banks or people who have already had their homes repossessed. Motivated sellers are people who are trying to avoid repossession or losing their home to the bank or mortgage company as well as a combination of other reasons.

Absentee owners

The term absentee owner refers to people who generally look at extra properties as an investment. Often times, they find themselves in over their heads and need/want to unload these properties

Out-of-state property owners

Many of these people had to move away for a variety of reason, The bottom line is, they are usually in a hurry and don't have time to put their home on a traditional real estate market These people have an interest in getting out from under your house as soon as possible.

Inherited Properties

These are often the most unwanted properties. People who inherited these properties don't want them and do not want the hassle of putting them on the market. these are often the best market for finding a motivated seller.

Property owners who have delinquent taxes

This is self-explanatory. Many of these owners are upside down and are facing foreclosure and/or repossession. People in this situation are often willing to sell to an investor than lose everything to the bank or mortgage company.

What does all this mean?

what this means is if you are trying to find motivated sellers, you need to know where to look. Or, better yet, you need someone who knows where and how to attract these motivated sellers and lead them to you.