The Carpet cleaning industry

Carpet Cleaning Leads

The Carpet cleaning industry

One problem with the carpet cleaning industry is competition. Let's be honest, there are a lot of carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning companies. The competition is overwhelming. You need a method of generating carpet cleaning leads that can compete with the industry demands. The key to success adding new clients while keeping your old ones. This can be difficult.

Most carpet cleaning leads

The main challenge with carpet cleaning leads is that you are calling people's homes. As you know, no-one likes getting sales calls at home. Cold calling is hard. If it wasn't there wouldn't be so many tips and techniques for getting people to listen to you. For the most part, a sales call ends up with a hang-up or a request to be on a "no-call" list. stop messing around with that worn out method.

Our carpet cleaning leads

Our carpet cleaning leads have nothing to do with that. Our focus is getting clients to call you. We work with you to get an edge over the competition and make people want to call. We offer incentives and specials that have been proven to attract new clients. Our method of generating carpet cleaning leads will help grow your business. All you need to do is answer the phone.

Community Job boards

Many business people just like you are getting tired of making endless cold calls to people who just want to get them off the phone. Several businesses have taken to posting on community job boards for their carpet cleaning leads. While this may seem like a good idea, it too has its downfalls. First off, there us only one "winner", the person with the lowest prices.

Secondly, people who tend to shop off of those sites, especially the free ones, are looking for low dirt cheap prices. If you are running a business, set your sites higher. Don't settle for carpet cleaning leads that you know aren't going to grow your business or help you make a profit. Instead, develop your business with pride and attract the type of clients you need to make money and grow.

There's nothing wrong with a business being choosy with their leads. There are many ways to purchase carpet cleaning leads. between community website, job posting boards, and free listing website, it can become quite confusing. One thing for sure, live phone calls directly to your phone is the most effective way to ensure success.

Tips on Closing Carpet Cleaning Leads 

Exactly what qualifies as a carpet cleaning lead? a contact number? A contact form, a personal reference? or a list of phone numbers someone sold you?

The truth is, they are all leads. A lead is any source of information that can lead to new business. The question you should really be asking is "what is a qualified carpet cleaning lead? 

Many community websites and job boards have twisted the true meaning of what a good lead actually is. To some lead generation companies, carpet cleaning leads are anyone person who happens to have a carpet, or had a carpet cleaned in the last 6 mos. As a business owner, you know that many times, these "leads" are useless. 

The only carpet cleaning leads worth having are the ones who are actually searching out a carpet cleaning service. So, the first obvious step is getting these live leads first, before anyone else gets to them. The absolute best way is to have them call you directly, or, if they fill out a contact form, touch base right away. " i was busy" is not an excuse and the potential client will move on

Phone Calls

Best type of carpet cleaning leads is the live phone call. It is important to have someone dependable to take you calls

Missing a phone call or not getting back to your client right away is like handing over a job to your competition. We have seen this happen many times over with inexperienced business people who thing the can "handle everything". Also, the person on the phone needs to have the answers to the more common questions.

Inbound contact for leads.

When someone tries to contact you online or via email, it is crucial the you get back to them in a timely manor, more importantly, you need to make sure the right person gets the lead. Often times inbound leads in this form get ignored or sent to someone who isn't really qualified to answer any questions. If you are set up to get these types of leads, make sure the right person is constantly checking emails and has the correct response. 

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